September 18, 2020 Re: COVID-19 Notification Dear Families & Staff, Today, Fairview Elementary School, was identified as having a positive COVID-19 case. Since becoming aware of the positive result, we have enacted our school protocols which includes the following steps: Identify persons considered a close contact who were at school. Notify the individuals and their parents who were identified as a close contact at school. Physically distance those identified from others until they can be picked up from school. Communicate and follow Clay County Public Health’s recommendations. Additional cleaning and disinfecting. If you have not been contacted by Spencer CSD or Public Health staff, your child was not identified as a close contact and should plan on attending school. Please reference the following documents when determining if your child is well enough to attend school during the COVID-19 pandemic: When to Stay or Return Related to COVID COVID Illness Guidelines

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Dear Families,

First and foremost, thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.  Attached, you will find an infographic which shows a summary of the results from the initial survey sent to you related to COVID.  It is also linked here
Also, here is a copy of our Return to Learn Plan which will also be posted to our school website.  This has all three models we are considering which includes an in-person model, a hybrid model (students in for a portion of the time and online the other portion) and a completely online model.  

Thank you and please reach out with any questions.