CF Industries Awards Minigrants

CF Industries Awards Minigrants
Posted on 03/27/2018
Grant Recipients

Superintendent of CF Industries, Mark Feldman, met with teachers who were awarded grants through the CF Industries Classroom Minigrant program.  The emphasis of the grant opportunity is to incorporate agriculture or the environment into the classroom, and thanks to CF Industries’ generosity, students in Spencer classrooms will:

  • Learn various ways plants take up nutrients and the effect of water quality on our natural resources;
  • Connect with their parents through the Sit Together and Read (STAR) program;
  • Participate in experiments that show the concept that plants are living organisms and need soil, light and water for survival;
  • Challenge students to create community care projects to answer societal questions; and
  • Plant schoolyard produce to be used in foods and nutrition classes.

This year CF Industries reached $1,000,000 in awarded school minigrants company-wide, since the program has been in existence, and 21 teachers from Spencer Schools earned minigrants totaling $3,406.  Feldman thanked the teachers for all they do and shared that he looks forward to continuing the program for many years to come!

award recipients


Front row from left: Beth Magnuson, Debra Wittrock Erin Christensen, Rachel Meyer, Karen Halvorson, Anne Johnson.  Back row: Julie Riessen, Mallory Anderson, Brenda Griffin, Britni Rose, Julie Hansen, Brook Schueller, Tami Cline, Jason Holt, John Doely and Mark Feldman.  Not pictured: Peggy Schimmer, Kimberly Moser, Tracy Gathman, Cammy Hinkeldey, Will Dible and Kurt Bauermeister.