Peer Teaching Through Various Learning Styles

Peer Teaching Through Various Learning Styles
Posted on 03/27/2018
Spanish l students

After gathering feedback ranking preferences, Señora Chicoine placed her Spanish l students into one of four groups centered on different learning styles, including musically talented, artistically gifted, action packed and creatively inclined.  The students worked together to create a mechanism to teach their peers the unit vocabulary in a manner that aligned with their learning style.  For example, the musically talented group taught through a beat or a song, action packed taught through some form of action, artistically gifted used visuals and creatively inclined used a combination of all areas. 

As groups finished making their final preparations, it was time to begin teaching their peers.  While learning vocabulary was an obvious goal of the activity, Señora Chicoine created a rubric to grade the students on other areas too.  “One of the big things I am working on is collaboration,” shared Señora Chicoine. 

Spanish l student, Nayma Garcia was part of the artistically gifted group, and when asked what she thought of the experience, she said, “It was fun working together in groups to learn the vocabulary words, and I think it was good for learning the new words.  It makes it better.”  Nayma shared that her group worked well together.  They all talked about what they were going to do and shared different ideas, incorporating them into the final product. 

“Yesterday, one of my students asked if we could do this again!” Señora Chicoine exclaimed.  “Each student took ownership in their own learning style, and they found it to be effective because they were aligned with the style of learning that worked best for them.”