2018 Products Convention

2018 Products Convention
Posted on 04/26/2018
Students from Products Convention

More than 100 upper elementary students from around Iowa converged at Cutty's Resort Club in Spirit Lake to participate in the 2018 Lakeland Talented and Gifted (TAG) Products Convention, where student displays ranged from our solar system to magnets, and mirrors to the ancient empires, 3D Pens and 3D printers.  The event was open to 3rd through 6th grade TAG students, and Spencer’s Challenge program for 5th and 6th grade students each brought an idea to share.

Students began designing their projects around February. They were allowed to select almost any topic, as long it met the approval of their teacher, and could present using PowerPoint, models or posters.  Teachers acted as facilitators and critiqued the students, guiding them along the way.  Students were encouraged to fill out an evaluation form on their top-10 favorite projects, ranking projects on overall idea, display, activity and presentation.

Mrs. Trierweiler and Mrs. Hamilton believe that the products convention is a way to spread the love for learning outside of the classroom, and Lakeland TAG, which is affiliated with the Iowa Talented and Gifted Association, is an organization that promotes higher learning in schools across the state.  Kamdyn Van Gelder, Trinity Gillis, Graycelyn Hameister, Gabe Reiman, Abe Arceo, Maggie McNea, Mya Ortiz, Keegan Nissen, Trevor Steele, Gracie Ebner, Abby Schmidt, Blake Morris, and Audra Cheevers participated from Mrs. Trierweiler’s 6th grade class, and Maddie Sweeney, Molly Moser, Zackary Richter, Pranaad Kolwadkar, Caden Atherton, Addison Wyman, Stella Gerlock, Braxton Nachtigal, and Cody Fields participated from Mrs. Hamilton’s 5th grade class.