Making a Difference through Project Based Learning

Making a Difference through Project Based Learning
Posted on 11/15/2016
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This year, conferences for 7th graders and their parents had an exciting addition.  Students presented projects they have been working on for several weeks through the launch of Project Based Learning (PBL).   To begin the PBL process, students completed a questionnaire and were then placed in an academy based on their responses.  Allison Piercy’s answers landed her a spot in the Society Academy.

To get started, Piercy and three other students decided to work together, and the emphasis of their project was how to make the world a better place. “What we chose to do was make care packages for kids with diseases,” said Piercy.  “We hoped this would give the patients something to do while in the hospital.” 

Piercy’s group placed jars in each home base with a goal of raising $150.00 to purchase items for the care packages.  They exceeded their goal and raised nearly $200.00, allowing the students to assemble 15 care packages filled with crayons, coloring books, construction paper and card games.  Once the care packages were done, the group made the decision to deliver them to the Shrine Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and one of the moms volunteered to drive. 

Once their delivery was complete, the group got to work to complete their presentation about the experience.  Students were given the choice of doing a PowerPoint or completing a tri-fold display board.  Piercy and her group decided on the PowerPoint which was presented during conferences.

When asked if there were any struggles, Piercy said it was hard to find a ride to Minneapolis.  After one of the parents volunteered, it was even more difficult to coordinate schedules and pick a date that worked for everyone.  Despite the difficulties, the group celebrated many achievements. From successful fundraising to bringing the care packages to the hospital, and many steps in between, the group was thankful that they got to help kids who were going through a difficult situation.