Bringing Blessings to District Families

Bringing Blessings to District Families
Posted on 12/20/2016

Spencer Education Association and SHS Student Council partnered to continue the annual tradition of bringing blessings to several families who have students attending Spencer Community Schools.  According to organizer, Becky Conley, this year’s theme was, Caring is a gift you can share! Please take a square. The requested items were written on squares of coordinating colors and arranged in a Christmas tree shape.  Students and staff were encouraged to select a square and purchase the items listed for the families.  Items were brought to the high school to be wrapped, and the gifts will be distributed prior to Christmas.

Madison Miller participated in the project, and when asked why, she said, “I just like to get involved, and Ms. Fischer told me that this was going on.”  Miller continued with how she participated by saying, “We went and bought gifts that had not been bought yet, and we came back to the school and wrapped them.”

As the student body president, Hunter Miller said, “We got asked if we could help go out and purchase gifts and then wrap the gifts, and I was all for that.  I asked some of the other student council members, and a few that could actually help were excited to help!”

In addition to the items purchased by the students and staff, additional items were purchased using funds raised through the student council.  For Jade Beehler, Assistant Principal and Student Council Advisor, this year marks his 17th year with Spencer Community Schools, and the program has been going at least that long.  Though unsure of the year it began, it has been a long-standing tradition with the school district.  Beehler credited Becky Conley with organizing the effort.  “Mrs. Conley has been a motivating factor and driver behind the scenes to keep this going.”  Beehler went on to say that he enjoys being involved and blessing families through the project.