Johnson Kindergartners Celebrate Earth Day

Johnson Kindergartners Celebrate Earth Day
Posted on 04/27/2017
Recycling Truck Demonstration

It was an Earth Day celebration at Johnson Elementary as kindergarteners traveled to six activity stations led by kindergarten teachers Tami Cline, Brook Schueller, Peg Schimmer, Erin Milner, Deb Wittrock, Alisha Bernardy and Karen Halvorson. 

Throughout the week leading up to Earth Day, kindergarten classes spent time talking about natural resources and how to care for the environment, and the stations were a fun way to extend their learning with hands-on experiences.  “Reduce, reuse and recycle” were the central themes of the stations which included: recycling and sorting, a recycling truck, a water pollution demonstration, reuse activity, composting and a snack.  Students enjoyed making puzzles out of cereal boxes as a way to reuse something that might otherwise get thrown away, and in another activity, students learned that water can become polluted by people and ways they can help.

The city of Spencer provided a recycling truck so the students could see first-hand how the recycling is picked up, and they learned that the trucks make 800 stops in a day! Kent Herbold, Spencer’s solid waste superintendent demonstrated how the truck operates. The students exclaimed that the truck was “awesome” when he showed them how the back of the truck lifts up to empty the recycled items. They also got to see a special board that was made of shredded plastic from recycled plastic bottles.

The students snacked on “dirt cups” with pudding and gummy worms and played a recycling relay game. They also learned about composting and reducing trash. It was a great afternoon and a fun way to teach kids that they can do their part to keep our earth clean.