Perfect Attendance Breeds Success

Perfect Attendance Breeds Success
Posted on 05/09/2017
Brandi Botcher

As the seniors walked across the stage to receive scholarships and awards during Senior Recognition Night, one senior, Brandi Botcher, spent a significant amount of time on stage, receiving several consecutive awards (not to mention other scholarships awarded earlier in the evening).  Why did Botcher receive such high accolades for her success in the classroom as well as with extracurricular activities?  Many things have attributed to her success, but one thing sets Botcher apart from every other student on her journey through Spencer Community Schools.  Botcher hasn’t missed a day of school from first grade through her senior year of high school, except for school-based reasons. 

With the amount of illness that travels throughout the schools annually, some may be asking how this is even possible, but it seems timing is everything.  “I have had mono in the summer, and I can get run down over Christmas break but not really sick,” said Botcher, adding that she thought more students could have better attendance but choose not to make it a priority. 

When asked about the benefits, Botcher replied that it has taught others that they can rely on her, and that very sentiment was shared by her track coach, Al Pierce.  “Brandi has one of the best work ethics of an athlete I have ever coached!  She is so talented in numerous events for us that it takes her much longer to do a practice with all the things to prepare for that she might be in. If that means she needs to lift in the morning, or be the last one out of the weight room at night, she will do it.  She has been the ultimate student athlete and a great leader for our team,” said Pierce.

Botcher plans to attend Iowa Lakes Community College in the fall and has aspirations of opening a business in Spencer after she completes her higher education.  Currently, Botcher is enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Extended Career Experience, taught by SHS Career Coordinator, Liz Kluver.  Through the experience, she has gained the opportunity to meet many great people in the community, and Botcher plans to keep those connections while being a business owner.  When asked about Botcher, Kluver replied, “Brandi is the student I can count on in class.  It amazes me how she balances her extracurricular activities, her work schedule and class work.  She is a four-season athlete, works at Subway part-time and has perfect attendance.  If I am going to be gone, Brandi is the student I make sure knows what is going on, and I know she will relay the message to the class or other students.  Brandi is aware of her perfect attendance, and she prides herself in knowing she has achieved that goal.”

The advice often shared with students about the many benefits of not missing school has been exemplified through Botcher, and SHS Assistant Principal, Jade Beehler, agreed by saying, “Brandi's perfect attendance shows her perseverance and commitment to education and activities.  It is very rare that a student has four years of perfect attendance at SHS.  Brandi is the third student to achieve this since the 2000-2001 school year.  Although, she is not one who seeks attention, she deserves all the awards and recognition she is receiving.  Brandi serves as a role model for others to emulate.”  Can Botcher make it through her collegiate career with the same track record?  Stay tuned!