Wildlife Adaptations During Seasonal Changes

Wildlife Adaptations During Seasonal Changes
Posted on 10/30/2017
animal adaptations

Clay County Conservation Board Naturalist, Bree Blom, visited with first graders about the changes in wildlife during the change of seasons.  She showed the students how the earth rotates around the sun causing the seasonal changes.  Bree explained how animals grow thicker fur during the winter season, and that during the summer, weasels fur is brown but during the winter they turn white to blend into the snow.  A fun fact she shared was that ermines are a type of weasel.  During the summer they are called weasels, and in the winter they are called ermines. 

The 13-line ground squirrels are true hibernators.  Their heartbeat lowers to every 20 seconds during hibernation.  A bear's heartbeat lowers to every 10 seconds.  The students were amazed by watching Bree share her cloud phenomenon using a water bottle and rubbing alcohol.  To culminate the presentation, Bree played an animal survival game with the students!

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